Friday, 18 April 2008

Balenciaga Goes Online

Tredding the pavement for the latest installement of what the amazing Nicolas Ghesquière has to offer for Balenciaga is now a thing of the past. You can now enjoy searching for and buying the latest bags, ready to wear and accessories that Balenciaga has to offer from the comfort of your home, as the label announces that their online e-commerce website be available from the 15th May.

"It is an extension and adaptation of the existing BALENCIAGA.COM site," a spokeman for the design house.

I can't wait


Romany said... me old fashioned, but I somewhat prefer looking at, trying on and buying my clothes in person. I guess I find it therapeutic? But then again, maybe it's just because I always have to be careful of buying clothes online, considering there's a good chance they may not fit. Lol.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i also prefer usual shopping...but it's always good to know you can get clothes you can't find in your city on the web!! =)

oh, i linked you, let me know if you link back, just to thank you!