Friday, 4 April 2008

The Water Effect

I was lost for words when I laid eyes on this pictures on Fashion Ivy, which is a rare occurence.

I love the way the photographer captures the light. The movement of the models is so elegant and striking. It reminds me of the opening sequence of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film '2001:Space Odyssey where the satellites are in orbit with non digetic classical music, creating the idea that they were dancing in space.

It's funny because this type of shor has been attempted every season in both American and Britain's Next Top Model and none have managed to get quite like this.

What do you think?


Romany said...

They are absolutely breathtaking aren't they? As well as being beautiful, there is a definite creepiness at the same time - they sort of remind of a mixture between dead bodies floating in water, and jellyfish...All in good taste, of course. Lol.
I wonder who the photographer is? I don't remember if Fashion Ivy wrote who it was or not, or maybe I just wasn't paying attention lol.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

ANTM, tried to do it again this season, not deep water this time though...These pictures are really good, especially the 2nd one.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Those are the most stunning pictures I've seen in a while!!

gritty romance said...

beautiful pictures!! like you i am blown away too ;) they're so..ah-mazing like true art i love the message that comes across in them of the beauty of life and death..

it reminds me of ur mothers womb when ur first concieved and you grow away from the wall of her pelvis and into ur own u..then the shot with the orange dress is liekthe embillical cord pullin you in two diff directions to stay or to live..

the last one is both life that youve let go of mum and r living on ur own and then also the model looks frozen in time by beautifully decayed..ohope that wasnt too much or wierded ne of u out lol i just see the world from a poetic view..umm im new at this blogging thing and would love for u all to check out mine-i would love ne tips suggestings and COMMENTS of all!! its please add me ;)