Friday, 4 April 2008

Crazy for Christina

I was so happy to open the new issue of ELLE UK the May issues to see Christina Ricci the Black Snake Moan star grace one of the main fashion stories.

Seeing her in the magazine has a nostalgic affect on me because it was the August 2004 issue with Ricci on the front cover that sucked me in to the world of fashion. The rest is history.

Styled by Anne-Marie Curtis and photographed by Matthew Vriens, the shoot has a dark edge compared to ELLE's more safe, fresh look. The shoot oozed fashion and sophistication combined with the edge and quirkiness Ricci is most famous for. Unfortunately for us fashion fans, Ricci missed the hot spot front page by Madonna, who is currently promoting her new single with Justin Timberlake '4 minutes'. This is a really disappointing move from ELLE. It was only two issues ago, where the mag placed Chloe Sevigny on the cover saying that they would only include people related or influential to the fashion industry to move away from this current craze of the celebrity. We all sighed with relief untill the new issue was released putting the fashion star Ricci in one of the fashion stories and placing Madonna on the front page. I know Madge has influence trends and popular culture in the past but I'm no so sure that her trademark Adidas tracksuit is what the ELLE consumer is trying to aspire to.

Hopefully this is a momentary blip for my favourite UK magazine so all we can do is wait for next months installment.

Gosh, I'm such a critic!

What does everyone else think?

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Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

Christina Ricci is gorgeous, really love these photo's