Friday, 20 July 2007


I know she's trying but Ciara's turn attempt for a fashion transformation from ghetto fabulous or even 'like a boy' way of dressing to wearing high fashion and dare I add, good shoes, doesn't really sit well with me. Yes, both the shoes and dress are quite good but it still doesn't look right. As a wise woman once told me; It's not just about the design and quality, it takes a great women to wear clothes. Ciara's fashion number is testament to this but unfortunately, not in a good way

Lesson Learned

ONe thing Kimberly Stewart can teach us all is that money can't by you good fashion sense. Not only does she have her 'slut' face on, she looks like she just threw anything on. Whether it was footballers or maggpies she was trying to attract in that sparkly number, all I can say is you're attracting attention all for the wrong reason Kim. But I must say that the one thing I do love, is her Louboutin shoe boots. I just sent the white pair out on a shoot and they truly are amazing.

From fashion whore to fashion beauty.....

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not Rihanna's best fan when it comes to her wardrobe. Ever since I saw he bare stomach in the video for 'Your girl', I've completly disregarded her in the fashion stakes, but I am say Miss Rih Rih has truly transformed of late and all is revealed in the new issue of Paper magazine. Some of the pictures are more Dancehall queen than fashion queen but Itake my hat of, Rihanna is improving. It really does show you wahta difference a good stylist can make

Gisele gets a B+ for girlie daywear

Gisele looks fab in this girlie dress,which is actually quite smiliar to the blue floral dress in the Kate by Kate Moss Collection, as she walked with a friend in Greenwich Village, New York City

Beauty and the Best

Chanel Iman and her iconic namesake both attended the Trace magazine party at Room Service last night. Just when i thought i couldnt love Chanel Iman even more,m she comes out and reminds me why I'mso fond of her. Dressed down in a smiple dress and casual make up, with hair scraped back, the girls looks good. Hopefully with a little help from Iman, who looks hot by the way for being over 50, we'll be seeing much more of her.

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Thursday, 19 July 2007

10 Reasons We Love 'The World's Next Top Models'

1. They laugh at the indsurty and don't take it too seriously
When DOutzen Kroes, new face of L'Oreal met Jonathon Van Meter from American Vogue on a rainy day in Starbucks she joked; "It's perfect (the rainy weather) because it gives all these fashion people something to talk about", saying "what else would they say to each other"
2. Individuality
Despite the recent model clones, we all got accustomed to, particularly at Prada shows, Englands very own Agyness Deyn provides that sembelance of originality and intrigue because she's not that typical type of beauty.
3. Already well accomplished

4. Culturally diverse
In an industry that was once based upon a beauty a Westernised concept of beauty, it's otw good to see that their bringing in models from all walks of life such as; Coco Rocha from Richmond, Canada; Agyness Deyn, Rawtenstall, England; Sasha Pivovsova, Mooscow, Russia and Doutze Kroes from Eastermar, the Netherlands, to name but a few

5. Well Read and not just pretty faces
On their shoot for the cover of American Vogue with photographer Steven Meisel, model Coco Rocha had her head in the sequel to 'Pride and Prejudice' and occasionally pocked her head up above her book to join in the banta with the other girls

6. Modest and Aloof
When asked what is was like to be on her first Steven Meisel shoot and the reality of having her first Vogue cover, Chanel IMan nervously replied; "It has been a great experience for me, one that I will never forget" she says. "You know what? It's really overwhelming"

7. Genuine friendship
It seems like not that long ago that we were watching Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell publically make after after a long fued between the two due to Naomi's fera of competition from younger model Tyra. What seems clear abotu these girls is that although they are all striving for the top, there is a genuine sense of friendship.

8. Buisnesswomen

9. Sooo not Diva-ish

10. STARS!!!

Fashion literally

This week, the BFC announced that under new law, models under 16 years old will no longer be allowed on the catwalks of London Fashion Week. This has been such an improvement seen as these days more and more young underage models like Ford's Chanel Iman are seen gracing the runways of shows for Marc Jacobs and Bottega Venneta. Despite my love for Iman and other young models alike, all it does is arguably present unachievable ideals for women and even teenagers to try and attain. Health panel experts in London are also investigating the possibility of sexual exploitation in underage models and state that underage models are often overly sexualized.

So finally after all the ratnig and raving about checking girls BMIs before casting them, now we can see some sort of improvement and measures put into place to protect models and more to the point, the women who see these girls. But as always, the fashion industry has to fight back and someone has to jump on the bandwagon of all the hyped publicity.

Just when you think the industry's sorting itself out, or perhaps 'snorting' itself out would be more appropriate. Siseley's new ad campaign features two models appearing to be sniffing drugs, but is in actual fact a white dress. Talk about sending mixed messages. Whether it's simply a means to jump on the bandwagon of all the puiblicity or simply a bit of tongue in cheek humour, Sisley has really taken it that bit too far. The industry is already under much criticism, what more an established high street chain coming out with a campaign that overtly glorifies drugs.

She's Back

I hate to say it, but there is some part deep down in side of me that is pleased that Lindsay Lohan is back. Let's call it my inner 'celebrity whore'. Lindsay was photographed here coming out of her SUV looking much better than I think we've seen her look in a long time. Carrying on the look from her low key 21st birthday, hopefully we'll see more of Lindsay looking relaxed and effortless rather than her dressing up to the nines, just to get a few column inches. The whole california sunkissed hair really suits her and jeans really slim her, making her the picture of good health.

As I said, nice to have her back!

Effortless chic

Pictures like this of Rachel Bilson really do make me sick to my stomach. Why is it that effortless chic is so hard to get 'just right'. Like always, Bilson is bang on trend with the huge LA shades, high waisted trousers and casual T-Shirt a la Kate Moss at the Topshop fashion show last season. I give Rachel an A* for effort and AAA* for deliverance


Cate Blanchett graced the cover of Austalian Vogue looking oozing glamour and effortless glamour.

Lovin' it