Friday, 1 December 2006


Whatever you want to say at LiLo, you cant fault her with her fashion sense. She just seems to get right every time whether it's partying at Hyde in La, or at big events, Lindsay's always seems to get it where everyones else doesn't and is always the first on trend. If you want to know what's gonna be hot next season, i suggest you keep an eye on Lilo....gashion icon in hte this space


I was just talking today about how important it is to get the perect trench. Just found some really good ones seen on the stars.

Celebrities love the classic trench - they never seem to go out of style, which makes thems a great investment.

Check out Gwyneth Paltrow, Eve and Kate Bosworth in their picks of the season -

Get a cute Burberry London Ivybridge Trench for a look like Gwyneth's and Kate's.

Fendi bag launch

Today, Fendi launched their new bag range in Tokyo. Following the success of the Baguette bag, Silvia Ventura, Fendi has created anew event with the Biga mesh, this seasons most coveted accessory. it takes no less than 6 months to make this model out of silver and gold chain mail, with swavorski crystals.

The Biga features 12 other models. Not many are made but limited editions are available in Rome, Paris, New York, Rome and London

Mission Impossible

The weather was a mission impossible for Tom and Katie on their honeymoon in the Maldives. It doesn't seem like Tom's powers help him prevent bad weather because the normally sunny Maldives, rained throughout the entire content of their stay. Let's hope the rest of the relationship wont be so stormy.

I must say that Katie looks stunning in these pics. It looks like she took Victoria up on the tips to loose the baby weight because Katie's quickly gone back to her former size.e Weight doesn't seem to be the only tip Victoria has been giving her new celebrity best friend. Katie is on point with the new cruise look being sported at the moe.

Victoria Beckahm at the Bambi Awards

Ashlee Simpson

I have to come out and confess that i am a though and though Ashlee Simpson fan. Everyone's given her such a bad time since her whole SNL thing but i think she's really proved herself. I have to say she is one of my style icons, not quite Kate but she's getting there. I love the fact that someone with so much money can just walk in an spend thousand of pounds on high street rather than the likes of flipping Victoria aka Mrs David Beckham that won't settle for anything other than Gucci. She's looking fierce!!!!!


Maybe I'm really late but i just found out that Jaeger have their own new UK website. It's only been running for 2 weeks (i know, I'm so behind) but it's seeming to be really popular. First stop for keen Jaeger fans so far has been the accessories section – with the Bond bag being the first to sell out – followed, we're told, by dresses. No surprises there. "It hasn't been difficult to persuade people to buy online as there is such a trust of the brand out there," goes on Earl. That, and the fact that the clothes are just getting better and better – watch out for the new Jaeger Black label that will be available in full on the site in the spring.

K-Fed reality TV number 2

If we were not seeing Kevin Federline enough, he's set to make sure we don't forget his face any time soon. K-Fed has just announced that he's thinking of starting his own reality TV show.

I’ll watch it. Just like I watched Chaotic - only if no one else was home to see me do it.

You knew this one was coming — Us Weekly reports that Britney Spears’ estranged hubby, Kevin Federline, is in talks to develop his own reality series.

‘House of Carters Executive Producer Kenneth Crear tells Us exclusively that he is currently working on producing a reality show with K-Fed.

“It’s true,” Crear tells Us, adding that he just started negotiations with partner Billy Rainey and Kevin Federline’s manager on Monday. “We are in talks about this. Kevin came to me because he liked the way I shot the House of Carters series and the way I made Nick Carter look real and trustworthy. I gave people a different perspective of him and made people really respect him.”‘-us weekly

Oops they did it again

The Spears sisters are notorious for their bad choice in hair styles. It was only last week that Britney was snapped sporting what seemed to be the worst hair extensions I've ever seen. It doesn't look like Jamie Lyn is that far behind. Her blond with dark brown highlights look awful and I urge people not to copy. Sorry Jamie Lyn but you'll thank me when you look back in 5 years time. Anyone else had similar hair mistakes?

Jen's Elle Cover

It wasn't so long ago that actress Jenifer Garner gave birth to a baby girl. Now the stunning actress in filming her new movie and is now appearing on the latest issue of Elle.

Check it out Jen fans

Amazing pics

Winter warmers

This nothing better than wrapping up warm but still looking chic in the winter. Layering was one of the key trends seen on the catwalk this season. Overt sexiness, in case you didn't get the memo, is over. Designers piled on the layers for winter. At Marc Jacobs, plaid flannel, oversize knits and leg warmers had echoes of grunge. The mood was more polished at designer shows like Chloe. For high street versions of this look, team shift dresses with opaques. Match them with pumps for day wear and killer heels for instant evening glamor.

It's now that time of the year that we all have to invest in a winter coat. I know, it pains me too, the fact that for almost five months, the gorgeous clothes we've invested in throughout the year are hidden under huge coats. Fear not, winter doesn't have to be so fashion damaging. The big coat of the moment is the classic trench. Whether leopard print, metallic or in classic beige, the trench oozes sophistication and instant glamor.

Check out some of my favorites.
Trench- John by John Richmond @ Debenhams

Leopard print trench- £40 New Look

Metalic trench- £12 Primark