Friday, 13 June 2008

Kate fights Back

Kate Moss really looked fashion fantastic as she stepped out in this gorgeous grey mini. Kate was recently kicked off the number one spots on the best dressed lists by the likes of Kylie Minogue and Agyness Deyn, but the supermodel really brought 'sexy back' in this grey number.

I love the shape on her. It completely transforms her from her usual petite frame by giving her some womanly curves.

Kate is currently in Berlin promoting her second fragrance, Velvet Hour


Many of you have emailed me to ask where I have disappeared to but don't worry because I am back.

I've been so busy finishing exams and starting an amazing new job in the fashion industry, that I really have not ha time to post but I am back and ready to stay.

With that in mind, here's a 'Sex and the City' treat.

What did you think of the movie? 

It was very predictable but I fell in love. Shame we had already seen most of the outfits already in the celebrity magazines though.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Balenciaga Goes Online

Tredding the pavement for the latest installement of what the amazing Nicolas Ghesquière has to offer for Balenciaga is now a thing of the past. You can now enjoy searching for and buying the latest bags, ready to wear and accessories that Balenciaga has to offer from the comfort of your home, as the label announces that their online e-commerce website be available from the 15th May.

"It is an extension and adaptation of the existing BALENCIAGA.COM site," a spokeman for the design house.

I can't wait

Street Style Put to the Test

If you really think you're style is worthy enough to mix it with the best of them, be sure to make your way down to Knightbridge's Brompton Road today, where mega-label DKNY jeans is planning a 'cool hunting' competition. Staff are looking for trendy, innovative members of the public who could give Kate Moss a run for her money in the 'cool' stakes. All the staff will be out with their camera phones looking to find stylish people to appear in a NYC-style collage in the store's window, which will be created by the talented fashion illustration students from our own London College of Fashion.

If that doesn't sound amazing enough, the chosen few will even recieve free DKNY Jeans and T-Shirt to go home with.


Eye Candy

Can't wait to the spring/summer 09 collections? Me too, but even more so when I discovered on that Stella McCartney has just signed a deal with eyewear firm Luxottica for the design, production and distribution of Stella-branded sunglasses.

The highly anticipated collaboration will begin in January with the first collection becoming avaliable for the spring/summer 09 season. According to vogue, the contract has been signed for an initial six-year term, which then becomes automatically renewable for an additional five-year term.

This means that we have a long installment of eye candy to look forward to. What better way to look glam at the shows. I'll have mine. Will you?

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Lily's New Do

I'm still undecided about the new blonde do' that Lilly Alen is sporting at the moment.

I'm norally such a Lily fan but wasn't wowed when I saw her new hair. But now after seeing these pictures I'm slightly convinced. Sporting a simple shirt dress and fun shades, Lily looked hapy for the first time in long time since her break-up with Ed Simmons of the Chemical Brothers and her miscarriage.

Looking good Lily

What does everyone else think of her new do'

Gweneth Paltrow- Vogue May

Gweneth Paltrow is the epitome of glamour shimmering, like the star she is, in a gorgeous silver dress for the magazine's 'Shimmer and Shine' issue

“I simplify everything,” Ms. Paltrow tells Vogue on juggling her kids, career and husband Chris Martin.
According to FWD, the 35-year-old actress is wearing a gold, tissue-lame, embroidered Pre-Fall 2008 dress by Oscar de la Renta and Robert Lee Morris cuffs.

Loving Gwen on the cover but is it only me or does she look a bit over airbrushed?

Monday, 7 April 2008

Dunn Does It

Recently in a magazine, new It model 17 year old Jourdan Dunn, boldy touches an issue that many are scared to talk about.

The article titles 'Why are the catwalks so white?' sees Dunn speak openly about the lack of black models on the runway. This comes at a time where recently, supermodel diva Naomi Campbell spoke out about the lack of opportunities for black models in the fashion industry. Many people in the industry have avoided the recent controversy choosing not to comment on it so this is a brave move for Dunn, who is still relatively new to the model world. But like many argue, it's about time someone made a stand and who better than the designers present favourite clothes horse.

Early this month black designers like Duro Oluwu openly spoke out about the hard time even black designers are given trying to break out in the industry, crediting the help of American Vogue for seeing the quality of his clothes rather than the colour of his skin. He goes on to say that it was the help of both American and British Vogue that helped prevent further prejudice in his career and made buyers stand up and take notice of his designs.

In a society governed by tolerance and acceptance, why is it that the fashion industry has followed suit? Is the industry really suffering from racisim.

Fashion designer and former editor of style magazine Super, Super Kesh argues that "Being black in the business people instantly class you as 'urban', whereas a white person will be classed as high fashion'.

Why is this?

When I looked into this for research for this blog, I suddenly realised that there isn't many black people in authoratitive figures in the industry. Naomi Campbell, American Vogue's Editor at Lage Andre Leon Tally and now Duro Oluwu. Is that all there is out of the thousands of fashion positions globally. If that is not evidence that something needs to change, I don't know what is.

Friday, 4 April 2008

The Water Effect

I was lost for words when I laid eyes on this pictures on Fashion Ivy, which is a rare occurence.

I love the way the photographer captures the light. The movement of the models is so elegant and striking. It reminds me of the opening sequence of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film '2001:Space Odyssey where the satellites are in orbit with non digetic classical music, creating the idea that they were dancing in space.

It's funny because this type of shor has been attempted every season in both American and Britain's Next Top Model and none have managed to get quite like this.

What do you think?

Crazy for Christina

I was so happy to open the new issue of ELLE UK the May issues to see Christina Ricci the Black Snake Moan star grace one of the main fashion stories.

Seeing her in the magazine has a nostalgic affect on me because it was the August 2004 issue with Ricci on the front cover that sucked me in to the world of fashion. The rest is history.

Styled by Anne-Marie Curtis and photographed by Matthew Vriens, the shoot has a dark edge compared to ELLE's more safe, fresh look. The shoot oozed fashion and sophistication combined with the edge and quirkiness Ricci is most famous for. Unfortunately for us fashion fans, Ricci missed the hot spot front page by Madonna, who is currently promoting her new single with Justin Timberlake '4 minutes'. This is a really disappointing move from ELLE. It was only two issues ago, where the mag placed Chloe Sevigny on the cover saying that they would only include people related or influential to the fashion industry to move away from this current craze of the celebrity. We all sighed with relief untill the new issue was released putting the fashion star Ricci in one of the fashion stories and placing Madonna on the front page. I know Madge has influence trends and popular culture in the past but I'm no so sure that her trademark Adidas tracksuit is what the ELLE consumer is trying to aspire to.

Hopefully this is a momentary blip for my favourite UK magazine so all we can do is wait for next months installment.

Gosh, I'm such a critic!

What does everyone else think?

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Old School Glamour for Demi and Rumer

On the runway shows of designers like Kimora Lee Simmons for BabyFat, we are getting strong references to that old school glamour that we all love. I'm talking cigarette pants, sharp tailoring, floor length gowns, the full works. This got me so excited for the new autumn/winter collections. Even more so after seeing these latest pictures of Demi, Ashton and Rummer at Grisogono’s Hollywood Dominos Benefiting The Art Of Elysium yesterday. Demi looks amazing in her white floor length gown. The swarovski crystals and fur really lends itself to that old school Hollywood glamour. Hopefully, we'll see more of that at the Oscars tomorrow. More and more celebrities are playing it safe on the red carpet. It's about time that we had more stars going all out for their 5 minute spot on the red carpet.

Rumer's dress looks amazing in her white floor length gown with it's intricate yet simple Grecian style draping. And I'm loving how both stars use the glamorous woman's make-up staple: the red lip.


What does everyone else think?

Karen and Casey in Vogue

Here are the latest pictures from the current issue of Vogue


What's on Watson

I was trailing through old pictures on my PC and came across quite a few of Harry Potter star, Emma Watson looking well......rather stylish!
I'm really inspired by her at the moment. Not only does she epitomize old British elegance, she's a classic beauty and beings something different to the young fashion scene in London who are simply try to be carbon copies of fashionista's like Aggy, Lily and Kelly.

Watch this space. A style icon might be in the making

Nylon March 2008: Rachel Bilson

I've just had a look at the new Nylon cover with Rachel Bilson and I'm really disappointed. For a girl that has so much innate personal style, stylists always manage to make her look so generic and 'teeny' on magazine shoots. Her hair is always non-descript and they always put her in the generic pinks and pastels. I'd love to see her in a more challenging shoot where they change her style completely. Something more like the recent shoot with Michelle Williams in Nylon. They completely changed her style and was creative with it and she looked amazing. Isn't that what we expect from fashion stories.....creativity!

What does everyone else think?

Two of a Kind

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman can be seen gracing the cover of the latest issue of W magazine.
Fully clad in the spring/summer Mui Mui collection both actresses spoke about working together on their latest film 'The other Boleyn Girl'

I love the shoot and think Natalie Portman really rocked it. She really got the intensity of the shoot and looked amazing in the different Mui Mui numbers. I hate to say it but I really didn't like Scarlett in this shoot. Her wide eyed expression looked scared as opposed to her usual sexual, femme fatale aura.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Westwood Back in Town

British fashion treasure Vivienne Westwood was back in the capital last week showing her hotly anticipated Red Label collection in London for the first time in nine years.

Westwood has shown her main-line collection in Paris for almost a decade and has no plans to change that, however her Red Label collection is back to Britain for the foreseeable future and she has called for other British big name designers to bring back their diffusion lines to LFW.

It's about time British designers came back to London. So many of our great designers like Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and even Preen have got up and left the capital. With the increase in London grown talent like Giles and Christopher Kane, London is proving to be a city that buyers and press dare not miss and it's about time.

Who, What, Wear

Stylists are now synonymous with high fashion and red carpet and the power of transformation. The last decade has brought around the rise of the stylist. Rachel Zoe? We all know her now but would you have recognized that name say 5 years ago. As a celebrity stylist behind the seams, Zoe sets the tone for what Keira Knightley and Lindsay Lohan wear. In doing so, she and other stylists have morphed from dressers-and-schleppers hired by magazines to press and pin clothes at photo shoots to star-shapers and fashion visionaries who are courted by designers, celebrities and clothing brands.

Hollywood icons used to attend the Oscars wearing dresses by their favorite designers -- or bought off store racks -- and no one ever asked, "Who are you wearing?" The days of going it alone ended after Demi Moore was snapped in a disastrous self-designed bike shorts-and-bustier combo at the Academy Awards in 1989. Now, as Italian designer Giorgio Armani rued to the "Wall Street Journal," "No actress moves without her stylist."

"We've entered a topsy-turvy world where the stylist has more power than the designer,'' says Cohen, who's also chief industry analyst at the NPD Group, which follows the fashion trade. "Stylists are the matchmakers between designers and stars. And celebrities have become the vehicle for designers to communicate and separate themselves from the field."

Like puppet masters, stylists pull designers' strings, says Tom Julian, longtime fashion analyst for, the official website of the Academy Awards. "I have heard tales that a stylist believes that this gown must be in this color -- so it is," he says.

The art of transformation has always been apparent in fashion with icons such as Madonna all the way to pop starlet Kylie constantly changing their style but the art of transformation has not been as important as it has been in recent years. In a society where you are only as good as your last look, celebrities are all too quick to get their stylist in to change their look to get that front page spread of the magazines. The most recent example is Rihanna. Rihanna was nothing more than a R'n'B wannabe until she hired Phillip Bloch as her stylist and came out with hit single Umbrella. The rest is history. More recently Rih Rih cut her Pob in favour of a short Yoanna style that she's sporting at the moment in order to keep on top of the transformation game.

Another woman playing the transformation game recently is Kate Holmes. Since marrying Tom Cruise, the former Dawson's Creek star had been thrust into the fashion limelight. Kate's style epitomises classic chic and is far cry from Victoria Beckham's 'try hard' attempt at being fashionable. According to Galina Espinoza from People magazine: 'Katie Holmes is one of the most remarkable style revolutions. She's always very simple, very elegant and her clothes fit her properly'.

Who do you think has had the biggest style transformation from a stylist?

Beautifully Broken

Beautiful Fashion Week newcomer Jourdan Dunn,17, made history today as the first black model to hit the runway from Prada since Naomi Campbell did as long as 15 years ago.
This all comes at a time where race in fashion is a hot issue. Recently supermodel Naomi Campbell showed support for the Hammersmith born model in her fight to bring more non-white models to the catwalks.

“London's not a white city so why should all our castings be white? I go to castings and see several black and Asian girls, then I get to the show and look around and there's just me and maybe one other coloured face” said Dunn.

Talking about those with darker skin, she said: “They just don't get picked. I hope it's because the designer just didn't think they were good enough as a model but I don't know”.

With Dunn being one of the hottest models hitting the runway this season, hopefully this marks a change in attitudes amongst the fashion industry.

Only time will tell.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Halle in INSTYLE

Halle Berry was looking radiant in this month's InStyle

magazine. The actress gushed about pregnant life and looking forward to her first child with model
Gabriel Aubry. Halle looked great on the cover in a white grecian style dress and causal basics in the cover story.
From the way this is looking, with celebs like Nicole, Halle and Christina, to name a few, celebrity maternity and children's line's may be the next big thing this year. When it happens remember you heard it here first.