Thursday, 30 November 2006

Hat War

Me, like many others, have fallen for the new trend among celebs of the beanies and hat wars. Women like Cameron Diaz have been sporting hats for a long time, but it appears the fashion pack have just caught on now

Bigger is better

I'm always looking out for the next best tote bag. Out goes the days of the small clutches and shoulder bags; bigger is definitely better. No matter how big my bag is i always seem never to have enough space. That's a problem for all of you like me that don't like carrying big rucksacks to college, even if carrying a gorgeous tote means a dead shoulder and back pains for a few weeks. What it means to look great eh?

Heres some of the best designer must have bags
1. Marc Jacobs Leather Stem Bag £760
2. Chloe Paddington £935
3. Bottega Venetta Intrecciato leather shopper £1,425
4. Chloe "Betty" Leather Tote £673
5. Muberry Leather Bayswater Bag £495

Loo good effortlessly

Ever day now I'm horrified by what i see in the mirror. Only a group of top make-artists can hide the fact that i work 4 days a week, go to college everyday have a demanding relationship and two sisters to contend with. So when i look for make-up i'm looking for one that does good coverage but without the tell tale signs. It's funny the no face make up, make up look is so much harder than the actua full plastered on look. Suffer no more. Bobby Brown and Mac do really good matte foundations for easy day use.

Check it on their websites
I was reading something today by another blogger about fashion style and it does ring true that those fashion addicts like myself really are chameleons. When it comes to fashion i go through phases. But isn't that the good thing about fashion; it lets you play a character. It only struck me how typecast we are until the other day when i heard people talking arguing whether they're any emo or indie. What happened to the idea of being a chameleon or more to the point, being ourselves?

God there back again

If we weren't having enough of Victoria, it seems like David's back doing the rounds in the UK again. This time it's not for pleasure. the former England captain was in the capital yesterday launching his new book in Waterstones. Are they really trying to insult our intelligence? I fall else fails just bring out a book, seems to be the motto taken by both Beckhams.

More pics from Tom an Katie's wedding


Subverse is on in Camden on Saturday peeps...get down there

Lohan does it again

Lohan shocks onlookers as she enters a club in west Hollywood yesterday despite the rumors that she had an overdose.

You can get Lindsay's print tights from Portabello market or if leggings are more your thing, hit American Apparel for leggings in all colours. Vintage belts and boots similar to the ones seen here on Lindsay can be found in Rokit and Beyond Retro

Beyonce in Flare

All Beyonce fans pick up the Flare magazine. The new issues sports Beyonce on the front cover talking, Jay-Z, her new film and her new album B-Day.

I've never been a fan of Beyonce's ghetto chic but she really does look amazing in these high fashion dresses.

Nic's back

Is Nicole Richie back? Over the past 2 years Nicole's faced criticism and constant scrutiny over her dramatic weight loss after coming out of rehab to start her show The Simple Life in 2002. Looking at recent pictures of Nicole out about suggest that Nic is on the way back to good health. A much healthier Nicole Richie showed up at the 34th American Music Awards looking her best in a long time. And according to Us Magazine, her recent split from personal stylist, Rachel Zoe, may be the first step to recovery. The alleged reason for Nicole splitting up with friend and stylist of three years, Rachel Zoe, is Zoe's view of the sub zero body. Zoe's spokesperson has strongly denied that claim. As long as Nicole is getter better, who can argue. It's only a month ago that Nicole turned to specialists to seek help and it's reported than she's already put on 5lbs and is looking much sexier and healthier for it. Nicole is also sporting sexy chestnut extensions thats a far cry from her former multi colored extensions days.

The picture above is a healthier looking Nicole now. The picture below is Nicole when she was still with stylist Rachel Zoe

You make up your mind?


So much sales, so little time. Loads of stores on the high street are having their own sales now. Don't sucker into them. January sales this years are reportedly going to be the best in the last 10 years so save your pennies and wait til boxing day

William Rast

Justin Timberlake and his best friend, Trace Ayala named their clothing line, William Rast, after both their grandfathers and launched a year ago and is hotter than ever. The full line of clothing for men and women are carried in the hottest boutiques and fashion mavens are strutting around town in the signature William Rast pocket designs. Celebrity fans include girlfriend, Cameron Diaz (of course!), Kim Kardashian, Patrick Dempsey, Eve, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Ryan Seacrest and many more.

Shame about the weather

If only it wasn't so cold, we too could be like Lindsay Lohan waering itsy bitsy shorts. The easier to count how many times the actress has been caught without, what is becoming her trademark pair of denims. Lohan's been sported wearing 'the' shorts coming out of the gym, at the Genetic Denim First Anniversary Party. The same pair also appeared in a Terry Richarson photoshoot for GQ. It seems like Miss Lohan can't get enough of them. I better go and get mine...

A couple of months ago Kate Moss was seen wearing some vintage Chloe Jeans. It seems like she isn't the only one that is swapping her skinny jeans for a pair of high waisted flares. A friend of denimology sent a picture to their blog of Lindsay Lohan wearing the same pair. Unfortunately to us normal people, we can't get our hands on them because Chloe aren't making them anymore but Topshop and Urban Outfitters do some that are equally good.Topshop are selling similar ones that are only £40 so there worth having a look at

Celia Birtwell for Topshop

More Celia Birtwell for Topshop has just hit the Topshop website.

I went there the other day and everything was going so fast so if i were you I'd get down there soon.

You can order online if you can't face hitting the shop floor. Go on

Kate Moss for Topshop comes in April....can't wait


Am i the only the one that's totally in love with the new mannish style. Everywhere I've been i've been seeing all the high street stores like Topshop sporting the high wasted trousers and sharp tailoring. "It's a sexier take on menswear traditions - it's not just about putting on a man's suit," says Kate Phelan, fashion director of Vogue. It's clear that masculine shapes are back this season - dress with attitude in boyish Ts, sharp jackets and tailored trousers. It's the sexiest way to get the boys to notice you.

You can find some key items from Phillip Lam but Topshop do some really cool high wasted, wide-legged trousers


I pictures are some of the key items from Chloe that are big this season

With all the shopping you've been doing for presents for everybody else, it's time you gave yourself a treat - and besides, the party season calls for at least a couple of ignore-the-bank-statement fashion moments. From the show-stopping Roberto Cavalli robe to the flirty Tibi dress or Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, we've picked out six spoiling options that will ensure you get what you want for Christmas. Early.

Check it out on

Poor before Christmas

It only just dawned on me that Christmas is in a few weeks and i haven't even started my Christmas shopping let alone started to save for presents.
here are some places to go for cheap Christmas presents
1. Portabello Market
2. Spitafield Market
3. Kingly Court (kind of expensive but you get nice things there)
4. Camden Market
5. Soho

Vintage...the new way forward

I was wandering along the other day, trying to find the starbucks on Tottenham Court Road on my lunch break and i finally found Beyond Retro. This store is the ultimate for fashion forward. It's all vintage but at such reasonable prices. Find boots for the winter for only £40. It's really worth a visit. Apparently Kate Moss is a fan so that's always a plus. Absolutely love it

Return of Biba

The Beatles chased the models around the catwalk of the Natural History Museum at the end of the Biba show and suddenly free love, flower power and the hippiest chic was reborn on a getting-chilly evening in September 2006. The rebirth of Biba, awaited with fevered anticipation this week, in Bella Freud's hands is heritage as well handled as you would expect from the daughter of Lucian Freud. The pressure was on with a room bursting, literally, with all London's most fashionable.

Get the new Biba collection soon

New York shows- Alice Temperly

From the first look that stepped out on Alice Temperley’s catwalk, you could tell that the girl from Somerset meant business. A sharply tailored cream mac, with a large belt at the waist and dark shades, it was the calling card for a cool new Temperley aesthetic: as elegant and as easy-to-wear as ever, but with a slicker city edge. The queen of Haute Bohemia has carved out a niche market for herself as a dress designer, with her intricately beaded, casually cool gowns in the most delicious colours frequently adorning the backs of her A-list friends - Laura Bailey, Erin O’ Connor and Charlotte Tilbury amongst them. At this summer’s Serpentine party, an event sponsored by Yves Saint Laurent, the Temperley dress count clocked in at 27. But with her new collection, Temperley is proving that there is more to her than just dresses.

I've collected all the key pieces from the show. Have a look for these things now to get ahead of the fashion pack for next season

1. Coffee, latte, mocha, caramel: whatever, these are the shades of the season
2. City slickness
3. Oversized shades
4. Jaunty straw hats
5. Dungarees. Very sexy Annie Hall
6. Braces. See above
7. Soft tailoring
8. Graphic prints and contrasting colours
9. Flat shoes
10. Throw-on-at-the-beach summer dresses

Dtaes for your diary


MILAN: January 14-19 2007
PARIS: January 26-30 2007


PARIS: January 22-25 2007


NEW YORK: February 2 -9 2007
LONDON: February 12 -17 2007
MILAN: February 17 - 25 2007
PARIS: February 25 - March 5 2007

Word has it that Victoria Beckham having talks with the makers Rock and republic Jeans to help her branch out and launch her own jean range hitting the States soon. I do think she dresses well but I'm scared of the thought of girls everywhere looking like miniature Mrs Beckhams. How can she class herself a style-icon. I laughed when i heard her say that she could sit with Donatella Versace and have something to how. Wearing their deigns doesn't make you on their level. I mean, how can you class yourself a style icon just by wearing head to toe designer. I'd call that fashion whore rather than fashion chic. Whatever anyone wants to say about Kate Moss, one can't say that she's not a style icon. Everything she wears is thrown on and is effortless compared to Victoria's look that suggests she's consulted a group of stylists before going to the shops f picking up her sons from school!!!!


pearls have been seen back on the runway this season. I've seen quite a lot in the high street in shops like Topshop and even Primark. So are pearls on the new thing in fashion or are best teamed on your grandma's next for Sunday mass?

Nicole Richie's recent decision to ditch her stick-thin stylist, Rachel Zoe, might improve more than just her body image. With a little extra meat on her bones, the skinny socialite may not need to don animal pelts to keep warm, which will improve her image with animal activist group, PETA. "The Simple Life" star was dubbed PETA's Worst-Dressed celebrity of 2006 for her fur-wearing ways. "This pelt-wearing party girl is all animal skin and bones," the rabid activists wrote of Richie in a release.
I know fur is bad because it's killing animals but what pisses me off is that the same people that complain about people wearing fur are tucking into the turkey roast at Christmas or wearing the latest Chloe handbag.....there all from animals for god's sake.

What's everyone's views on wearing fur? Fashionable, fashion faux pas or morally wrong? Tell me

Kingly Court sponsered by Grazia

Tonight is the showcase of the Kingly Court Xmas fashion show. It's a free event for all you fashion seekers that like me are broke in the run up to Christmas. Get on to the Carmaby website and download a ticket. Tickets allow a 20% discount of any of the shops showcasing there tonight so everyone get down there. Showcasing tonight are leading high street stores like: American Apparel, Miss Sixty and loads of cool other shops. Why not see what you're buying and i suppose it's an excuse for a free event so go on the website

Gumball 3000

The Gunball was launched by Central Saint Martins grad Maximillian Cooper and really is more than just a race. The premiere tonight will feature a live art performance by Dave White as well as after-party performances from Kym Mazelle and The Urban Blues Band, the Fun Lovin' Criminals and DJ Yoda. Go to for more information.

Can't hold her down

It wasn't that long ago that Cameron Diaz was reported saying that she doesn't want kids and it appears that she hasn't changed her mind when in an interview with Ellen DeGenere on her talk show saying she doesn't want to get married. Poor Justin eh. The couple have been together for 4 years by Cameron is still reluctant to get married saying: I'm a commitment-phobe. Don't want to do it." Ellen countered, "but it's been almost four years now" and Cam replied "Well, we're kind of like married?" And when Ellen asked the star why, if she doesn't want to get married, she always leaps for the bride's bouquet at weddings, Cameron explained, "It's like a sport to me... I don't want to get married. I just want to catch the bouquet, because I have a collection of bouquets... they're kind of in my ego catalog: 12 bouquets. It really does make you feel sorry for Justin. We've got Britney on one hand that can't stop getting married and having kids and Cameron that gives Julia Roberts in runaway bride a run for her money. All the days life of a celebrity eh LOL

Cruising back to the Uk

Cruising back to the UK is newlyweds Tomcat after they reportedly bought themselves a £2.5 million house in Surrey. The 6 bedroomed house is only 3km away from the Scientology headquarters so I'm sure Katie and Tom will be regularly spotted around the streets of Surrey very soon. The house is not far to the house bought by Cruise and Nicole Kidman in 2000. An estate agent said : There is plenty of privacy and the cottage has every feature a celebrity couple would need…Tom and Katie obviously want to be close to Saint Hill castle so they can practise their religion.

Poor Stella

Stella McCartney has been rushed to hospital at this late stage of her pregnancy. She's been advised to take it easy in the last few days before she has the baby by doctors. It's hardly surprising with the on-goings in her personal life, with the very public divorce going on between her father, Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. It's been reported that the divorce has been what's promoted her anxiety and exhaustion so it is unlikely that Stella will be going back to work very soon.

Britney's new man

First it was her childhood sweetheart, nest it was her quick 2 year marriage to Kevin Federline and now it seems that Mrs K Fed has moved on to know other than Brandon Davis. Briteny was seen leaving a club on November 29th

It's a girl

Sophia Coppola has given birth to her first child - a daughter named Romy - in Paris. Sofia knew she was having a girl and said in October, "All those little dresses... It's so fun to have little girl stuff." The proud father is Sofia's boyfriend, Phoenix singer Thomas Mars. The couple met when Phoenix recorded a song for Sofia's 1999 film The Virgin Suicides. Sofia was married to director Spike Jonz at the time, but they divorced in 2003. Baby Romy has been born into a creative family – her granddad is The Godfather director, Francis Ford Coppola, while actors Nicholas Cage and Jason Schwartzman are also related to her Oscar-winning mum.