Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Models drop out of Fashion Week

Last week is revealed that Abbey Lee is out of  New York fashion week due to a knee injury. Ali Michael is the latest model to be sitting New York fashion week out

The Rachel Zoe Project Update

If like me, The Rachel Zoe Project is a guilty pleasure, you too will be pleased to hear that the show has been renewed for a second season.

This season we will be granted a front seat at the shows, as the camera follows Rachel through the nest offering of New York fashion. She was reportedly spotted with the camera's rolling on Thursday night as she hosted an opening at the Beverly Hills salon.

Credit Crunch- What Credit Crunch?

With the current economic climate, you would not expect smaller brands to be splashing out on models to appear in their ad campaigns would you? Clearly we've underestimated handbag brand, Coach who reportedly splashed out on a hefty $50,000 to bag Ali Michael to appear in their spring/summer 09 ad campaign. 

These last few months the credit crunch has had an obvious impact on the fashion industry. My fashion friend and I are already complaining about the few parties planned for fashion week this season, and lack thereof. For goodness sake, party God Marc Jacobs isn't even hosting any of his legendary after parties this season. Reportedly, he is cutting invites to his autumn/winter show by hundreds, despite hosting the show in the same location. When the credit crunch affects Marc Jacobs, you know there is a problem! Big brands like Versace and Prada have turned to the 'Supers' like Kate, Giselle and Linda to try and pull in those dollars as the luxury market takes a trip downwards.

Recent reports claim that LVMH are interested in acquiring the accessories brand.

If a $50,000 payout is not a statement to their competitors that te credit crunch is not hitting Coach, I don't know what is?

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Something for the weekend

I hope everyone is having a great 'Superbowl' Sunday.

This afternoon I've been sitting deleting and moving some pictures off my laptop. Honestly, when your computer crashes at least 15 times a day and your mouse is incapable of moving, it's time to go through the fashion pictures clogging up your hard drive and de-junk. I know....it's hard but it has to be done right?

And what a good thing I did!! I came across these beautiful pictures of Grace Jones shot by the amazingly creative photographer Andrea Klarin. 

The styling in the shoot is insane. As fashion-ation rightly said, he has the 'ability to  think big and think imaginatively allowing the muse to create the interest and not be distracted by a setting or location.“I don't try to represent the reality but I try to filter it and through the imaginary world with some elegance and glitter!”'  

Happy weekend!