Thursday, 30 November 2006

Word has it that Victoria Beckham having talks with the makers Rock and republic Jeans to help her branch out and launch her own jean range hitting the States soon. I do think she dresses well but I'm scared of the thought of girls everywhere looking like miniature Mrs Beckhams. How can she class herself a style-icon. I laughed when i heard her say that she could sit with Donatella Versace and have something to how. Wearing their deigns doesn't make you on their level. I mean, how can you class yourself a style icon just by wearing head to toe designer. I'd call that fashion whore rather than fashion chic. Whatever anyone wants to say about Kate Moss, one can't say that she's not a style icon. Everything she wears is thrown on and is effortless compared to Victoria's look that suggests she's consulted a group of stylists before going to the shops f picking up her sons from school!!!!