Thursday, 30 November 2006

Nic's back

Is Nicole Richie back? Over the past 2 years Nicole's faced criticism and constant scrutiny over her dramatic weight loss after coming out of rehab to start her show The Simple Life in 2002. Looking at recent pictures of Nicole out about suggest that Nic is on the way back to good health. A much healthier Nicole Richie showed up at the 34th American Music Awards looking her best in a long time. And according to Us Magazine, her recent split from personal stylist, Rachel Zoe, may be the first step to recovery. The alleged reason for Nicole splitting up with friend and stylist of three years, Rachel Zoe, is Zoe's view of the sub zero body. Zoe's spokesperson has strongly denied that claim. As long as Nicole is getter better, who can argue. It's only a month ago that Nicole turned to specialists to seek help and it's reported than she's already put on 5lbs and is looking much sexier and healthier for it. Nicole is also sporting sexy chestnut extensions thats a far cry from her former multi colored extensions days.

The picture above is a healthier looking Nicole now. The picture below is Nicole when she was still with stylist Rachel Zoe

You make up your mind?

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