Thursday, 14 June 2007

Partners in Crime: Nicole and Paris in Harpers Bazaar

Here's a snippet from the feature in Harpers Bazaar out now

Nicole's Rap Sheet

Nicole Richie has six, maybe even seven pairs of oversize sunglasses in her handbag. Actually, she has a handbag (black vintage Chanel) inside her handbag (black Balenciaga lariat). She's also lugging around a Hello Kitty cosmetic case ("not mine"), a tangle of bracelets, a beat-up Goyard wallet, and an envelope full of cash. "I always carry at least two or three handbags at once. I'm so lazy," she says with a funny tinkle of a laugh. "I can't even get it together to put money in my wallet."
"I don't take anything lightly. Every mistake I make, there's consequences... I get caught for everything!"Nicole might be disorganized, but she's more together than you'd think. Though she can seem fragile and vulnerable -- and, yes, very thin -- in a photograph, in person she's rather breezy and robust.
Paris's Rap Sheet

Paris Hilton had a party last night, kicking off at a time when other girls turn into pumpkins. Over dinner at the Chateau Marmont earlier this evening, an overstimulated British rock star who was planning to attend explained, with a sheepish smile, "I just want to see what she looks like."
"It's weird sometimes. I think people think I'm not human."Paris, as we all know, doesn't look like anyone else. She is, of course, a professional socialite, epic babe, star of TV and the occasional movie, pop singer, perfumer, fashion designer of sorts, and eerily savvy businesswomen. (She's been offered "half a million dollars" to appear at parties, thanks very much.) She's everything that people think Hollywood is. This has made her more rich, more famous -- and, to her regret -- a bit of a caricature.

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