Thursday, 14 June 2007

Anne Hathway in July issue of Harpers

Anne Hathaway graces the July issue of Harpers Bazaar looking absolutely regal and elegant. I'm still undecided whether she is truly fashionable, but she sure does scrub up well.

On the evolution of her fashion sense thanks to Devil costume designer Patricia Field:"I feel I know how clothes go together now. Before, I was so desperate to have a style and a look that I would wear things I didn't feel comfortable in, that had nothing to do with me."

On Gwen Stefani:"I love her style...If I could see clothes the way she sees clothes, I'd be very, very happy."

On her relationship with Valentino:"We just get along really well, so that's why I wore him to the Oscars...You know, he's retiring, and it's one of his last collections, and I really, really, really wanted to be a billboard for Valentino that night."

On her fashion muse, Selma Blair:"My friends and I call her Saint Selma. She's, as we all say, very fierce."

On preparing for her role in Get Smart:"I have to be very, very strong, so I am working out like a madwoman...Basically, anything Jen Garner did in Alias, except in this film...lots of kicks, punches and dodges...and, oh, yeah, I have muscles now! I've never had muscles."

On working with Meryl Streep and Ang Lee:"A good day on set with Meryl turns into a master class...I love Ang. I would be his shoe-shine girl if he wanted." On how she keeps her feet firmly on the ground:"My life is moving at a fairly rapid clip, and I don't need to be pushing my own envelope. I try to cultivate meaningful moments. Don't get me wrong. A lot of meaningful moments have happened in nightclubs at 3 a.m...If I had more time, I'd probably have more of them!"

On creating drama:"I think a lot of people would love to get some separation from their lives and spend time seeing things from another person's perspective. I'm sure other people roll their eyes and think, Whatever, drama queen. But I like it."

Fashionista or just has a good stylist? What do you think?

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