Sunday, 1 February 2009

Something for the weekend

I hope everyone is having a great 'Superbowl' Sunday.

This afternoon I've been sitting deleting and moving some pictures off my laptop. Honestly, when your computer crashes at least 15 times a day and your mouse is incapable of moving, it's time to go through the fashion pictures clogging up your hard drive and de-junk. I's hard but it has to be done right?

And what a good thing I did!! I came across these beautiful pictures of Grace Jones shot by the amazingly creative photographer Andrea Klarin. 

The styling in the shoot is insane. As fashion-ation rightly said, he has the 'ability to  think big and think imaginatively allowing the muse to create the interest and not be distracted by a setting or location.“I don't try to represent the reality but I try to filter it and through the imaginary world with some elegance and glitter!”'  

Happy weekend!